Simply call me “Gui”.

I began my meditation journey in my early 20s, initiated into the mystical teachings of the Rosicrucians. This transformative path became my solace, helping me navigate life’s vicissitudes.

Driven by a deep thirst for spiritual wisdom, I underwent extensive training to become a certified Meditation Teacher in Rishikesh, the global hub of Yoga and Meditation, nestled in the Himalayan foothills. Additionally, I acquired certifications as a Multi-style Yoga and Tantra teacher in the serene landscapes of Goa, India.

My passion for inspiring others led me to share my knowledge through meditation classes, assisting fellow yoga enthusiasts and aspiring teachers on their spiritual paths. You can also find my guidance on some of the most popular meditation apps.

In creating this space, my intention is to offer you an invitation to explore the enriching dimensions of meditation. I firmly believe that everyone can practice meditation, tailoring it to meet individual needs, expectations, and beliefs. Join me on this sacred journey towards spiritual awakening.

I also understand that not everyone has it easy when trying to Meditate. To make it simple for anyone, I have created a method with a combination of many different Meditation styles in the same meditative flow. I call them, hybrid Meditations. Hybrid guided meditation is the best way to start your practices in the vast universe of Meditation.

"Gui will guide you into enjoyable smart inner journeys leading you to experience states of pure blissfulness. He is here to help and gladly make you feel your best in every single session."

Let me guide you into enjoyable smart inner journeys leading you to experience states of pure blissfulness. I am here to help and gladly make you feel at your best in every single session.


Gui is certified on Yoga and Meditation from the reputed institute of ÍNDIA.


" Gui, is a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher from the reputed Institute of INDIA.

Experience The Power Of Meditation

Afirmações e Meditação para O Amor próprio e Incondicional
Meditação da manhã – Gratidão
Accede a tus Registros Akáshicos Meditación
Grounding Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation
Calma la Mente
Morning Gratitude Meditation
The Cosmic Sleep
Emotional Relief
Abrir Tu Corazón
The Celestial Sleep

With Meditation We Envision


sense of oneness


world a better place


find your true self