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The Heart Chakra Tenderness

A meditation for those who want to advance in their meditative practices. A gentle visualization flow is supported by the consciousness breathing. From to crown chakra, we will indulge in an inner journey of light until to connect in a very profound way to the energy of your heart chakra in a wave of love, kindness, and tender-heartedness. You will find peace of mind, in a deep soul journey with elevated levels of tranquility and connection with the spiritual dimensions of your being.

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  1. Christina Godley

    A very deep and moving meditation. It was like a dream-state, but more vivid and beautiful. I lost all sense of self and time, floating and merging in the wonderful light. In these magically healing moments, for the first time, I was fully present. Even now I am so relaxed and filled with joy. Thank You Gi for This Very Special Meditation. Namaste 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Mirja

    NAMSTE 💚🙏🏻Dankeschön Guillherme Gruss Mirja

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