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The Source of Bliss Meditation

A mystic meditation to expand your spiritual consciousness. In this meditative flow, you will encounter your higher chakras, promoting an expansion of positive energies through your body. There will be also the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra assisting the manifestation of your purest intentions. Indulge yourself in a very calming and healing inner journey.


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  1. Ricardo Pantano

    Gui is an amazing soul. I had the chance to vibe with his energy in and out of the mat. Allowing him to drive you on this journey is definitely empowering and healing. Looking forward to meet up again my friend!

  2. Christina Godley

    Every meditation with Gui is always a surprise. He is a humble man with a vast astounding knowledge. I learn something new every time from Gui – and about myself. His meditations induce a self-reflection that’s not possible in daily life. In this meditation, at first, I felt something cold press against my 3rd eye, as if it where a round glass lens. Then everything expanded into a burst of white light. Normally my hair is wild and curly, yet as the white light turned to gold, it felt even wilder as the static charged it with energy. The image I saw was of my higher-self with golden hair flowing freely, my face unlined and glowing with joyful health. It was a mystical, blissful experience and one to treasure always. Namaste 🙏🏻 Gui.

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