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The Power of a Thought

Every thought and emotion has its own vibrational frequency or wave frequency and they are commands for your brain to react according to the environment you’re creating in your mind. The brain doesn’t distinguish between reality and the imaginary. Many scientific studies support this statement as a fact.

So for example when you gossip you have to connect with a negative memory and negative thoughts which contain negative frequencies. The second you hold negative thoughts in your mind your BIOCHEMISTRY changes to a flight or fight mode. That makes your brain release cortisol, the stress hormone into your blood that weakens your immune system inhibits the actions of your white blood cells, and increases the chances of infection. All of this from your thinking. When you gossip you’re actually hurting yourself.

We produce about a minimum of 12-16k thoughts a day. Approximately 90 % of these thoughts are repetitive negative thinking from yesterday. Either those thoughts are dwelling on the past or worrying about something that potentially could happen in the future. This flow of thinking will keep the cortisol in your blood and make you weaker…

Our thoughts create us. How you react to the events in life can create anxiety. Some people will make you create good biochemistry while others will promote the opposite. Don’t let negative stimuli be the predominant circumstances in your life. Be gentle with your mind. Be aware of the type of content you’re connecting to and being the audience for. Learn new skills to make your mind healthy and increase your brainpower with meditation. Meditation is a pure form of science. Namaste Gi.

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