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Tantric Hybrid Meditation

This is the record of one of my Live meditation sessions on Insight Timer app. The Meditation is based on White Tantric Kryas, combined with breathing and visualization techniques. In the first 5 minutes, you will listen and learn the specific instructions to apply during the meditation practice. The meditation is intended to promote a very deep connection with inner dimensions, awakening healing energies, raising your vibrations, and enhancing your manifestation power.

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  1. Christina Godley

    The deepest meditation by far. It was red fire and white ice meeting and merging. I became very hot in the consummation, until I lost all sense of physicality. In my third eye I saw complex calculus way beyond my comprehension, but I knew they meant something sublimal and enlightening. After which there was a sunburst of white light radiating outwards. A joyful and peaceful experience. On a physical level, I had strained my shoulder and neck doing energetic gardening. The pain has disappeared entirely. Thank You Gi. Namaste 🙏🏻

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