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The Decision to Meditate

When I chose to sit to meditate I’m deliberately taking action. The act of being present and observing whatever is happening to my inner and outer world. Without judging the circumstances I simply acknowledge my emotions, the quality of my thoughts, and the way my breath is happening.

Whatever is my state of mind, turbulent or calm I just allow myself to “melt” in the present moment. Without forcing or manipulating any emotion I just accept whatever is happening in my experience. I allow the feelings to happen and unfold naturally. This type of meditation I call surrender to the present moment. You just simply be with whom you’re feeling right here right now and let the “noise” settle somewhere and somehow naturally.

There is no need to set a time in a clock. Let the time not be a reason to limit your experience. Let the time flow, in the end, it doesn’t matter if you have meditated for 5 or 20 minutes. What really matters is your intention to surrender, to be right here right now and with every thought or emotion running simultaneously in one massive mind flow. Your mind wanders and that’s so natural.

Again don’t judge your inner experience, let it just unfold as it comes. Let it overthink if it might want to. But don’t try to stop anything, just be the conduit, the river flow. Be the witness of your inner force. Accept the “mess” produced by your mind with love and compassion, be kind to it.

The universe is in continuous expansion and so you’re, it’s all cosmically harmoniously orchestrated by a tremendous coherent force. A force that is constantly pushing forward, promoting expansion, and growth. It’s all supernatural and so should be your meditative experience.

Enjoy being your own flow.
Namaste, Guilherme (Gui).

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  1. Cássio Marcos Amaral

    Muito obrigado pela sua dedicação e por ajudar na Construção de um mundo melhor!


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